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December 18, 2010

Caught up in the Christmas festivities, I neglected to post this writing.  Rereading it today, I felt it was appropriate to post it anyway.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you do, please hit the “like” button and take a moment to post a comment.  🙂 

Me, Rick, and his great-nephew enjoying the frozen pond

I wrote a post a while back entitled, A Good Day.  Today has been another good day for me and I’ve been happily singing goofy Christmas songs while I wrap those final gifts and think about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, snowball fights, eggnog, and (finally) having my love to keep me warm.  Then, out of nowhere, I found myself wondering what bad thing is going to happen to shatter this lovely moment in time.  In the last year, I’ve had moments of breath-stealing heartache, rejection, disappointment, and failure.  Is it possible that today I could be so very delighted and full of anticipation?

When will this magical bubble of bliss be rudely popped and send me crashing to the ground?  Nothing this good ever seems to last for too long.  So for a moment I sort of gritted my teeth, mentally trying to prepare myself for the crash. 

My own reaction disturbed me.  I began wondering what the proper response is to moments in our lives when the sun is shining on us and the white snow glistens and sparkles and we are warm and healthy and happy.  Life can’t always be this sweet, but TODAY it is.  Even if it’s only this very moment that’s so sweet, we do have this moment. 

It is simply a fact that life comes with problems and there’s no doubt that eventually I’ll have to come down off this (natural) high.  But for today, for this moment, I am going to enjoy the bliss.  I’m going to soak it up, call the day GOOD, and be thankful.  I’m going to raise my hands high in praise and make sure God knows just how thankful I am to feel Him smiling down and rejoicing with me. 

Anyway, I’ve heard that if a person is relaxed when they crash or fall, they’re less likely to get hurt because their muscles aren’t tensed up.  My plan is to relax and savor every moment of this bliss.  Let tomorrow’s problems take care of themselves.  Sure, when we relax into happiness and joy, we almost simultaneous open ourselves up to terrible pain and disappointment.  To love deeply is to risk equally deep hurt.  And yet, I am willing to take the risk, soak up the joy of it, and hope the pain stays away a little while longer.  Today is a GOOD day.


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I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart

It’s been hard to know what to post recently.  Some of the things I’ve been going through don’t seem like things that need to be blasted on the internet for all to see…  Some things are deeply personal and too precious for publication. 

I hope the look on my face says it all.  I am happy.  I am full of peace.  God is good and He is blessing me in some wonderful ways. 

I looked at some pictures on Facebook tonight of a high school classmate.  She is beautiful; was a beauty queen many times over.  She married a handsome, successful man and they have lovely children.  It appears that they have everything anyone could want.  But the look in her eyes is far from happy.  She is smiling, she is wearing clothes that flatter her surgically enhanced figure, but there is not one speck of joy in her vacant eyes.  It made me sad. 

I wish I knew how to share this joy I have found with everyone.

I have written this before, but I will do it again.  This joy is only found in a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We can have that relationship by getting to know Him through His Word:  Scripture, The Bible.  If you don’t like to read, listen to an audio-version of it.  Fill yourself up with God’s Word, spend time in prayer, talk about what you’ve read with others, think about it, write about it, study it.  Get involved in a Bible study with other believers, find a good church you enjoy going to and get involved, find creative ways to express your love for the Lord – but more than all of those things, learn His Word.  There is no substitute.  Spending time with God is the only way to have an intimate relationship with Him. 

I know it sounds boring, tedious, and time-consuming.  We don’t want to be dorks who can’t talk about anything else and start wearing our pants really high on our waists.  I get it.  I felt that way myself in spite of the fact that I was living my life in service to Him as a committed Christian.  I prayed and asked God to give me a love for His Word, and amazingly He did it.  Everything has changed now.   I’m even wearing my pants really high on my waist.  (So that’s not true, but you all let me know if I start looking like a dork, okay?)

Loving God isn’t easy because it takes work, just like being in human relationships takes work.  But It is worth it.  I promise.  Pick up a One-Year Bible and join along with me.  If you decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear from you. 

Jesus saves and He makes all things new.

*Photographer:  Leslie Coelho


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