A Farmer’s Wife?

It’s been shocking to many, many people (including ME) that I am marrying a farmer and moving to the rural midwest to live in the land of cornfields and barns.  I’ve been asked how I can leave the bustling, fabulous city of Nashville for country life.  Won’t I miss Starbucks?

I don’t mind answering these questions because I had to answer them for myself first.  I had to come to terms with what’s really important to me before I could even consider seriously dating Rick.  I had decided that I was done with casual dating and I could tell he was serious, so I did some soul-searching early on in our relationship.  Just how important is Nashville to me?

I love Nashville.  I love the American southeast.  I have a special place in my heart for magnolia trees, rolling hills, thick green trees, and that sweet, southern drawl.  I enjoy mild winters and how very nice everything is.  If I need to purchase something, I have so many choices that I’d never be patient enough to look at all my options before making a decision.  I live right next door to one of the wealthiest towns in the entire country.  Right down the road from my house are streets lined with mansions.  It is a lovely place to live.  But no amount of loveliness can make up for loneliness.

I have lived a good life.  God has blessed me with good friends.  I’ve really enjoyed city life.  It’s been no big deal to go to NFL games and cheer the Titans on, scream “Fang Fingers!” at hockey games, go to a major concert and see the performer the next day at a pancake restaurant.  I’ve eaten in the fanciest restaurants, traveled the country and stayed in the nicest hotels, and filled my life with good things.  But in all of that, I went home alone every night.  I felt the ache of empty arms when I saw a mother rocking her sleeping baby.  I chafed at never having a home of my own to settle into and decorate and organize just right.

To me, the reality of having a loving husband, a home of my own, and the hope of children is worth giving up a weekly visit to Chipotle or seeing a celebrity at church.  Not to mention that the idea of wide, open spaces and the safety of country living is very appealing!  I’ve had all the big living I need.  I’m ready to settle down and be a wife and mother.  And writer.  And maybe do a little teaching and speaking on the side…  🙂

I grew up in the area I’ll be moving back to.  Vivid childhood memories of running free, totally unafraid, and feeling connected to the ground beneath my feet draw me back.  I was the wild child who did all I could to get my four-wheeler (ATV) completely air-born, who caught slimy tadpoles in the pond, and whose heart was broken when my willow tree got cut down.  During a recent trip to visit Rick, I sat quietly on a large rock and listened to the sounds around me. let the little ants crawl up my arm.  I felt like I was twelve again – carefree, happy, and at peace.  I’m blessed to still have relationships with people I knew when I lived there, including my grandfather and cousins.

Will I be the typical farmer’s wife, canning peaches and running a tractor?  Well, probably not.  But I don’t think I’d mind learning how to can my own food and avoid the preservatives and unknown ingredients I’ve been eating in food that comes from who-knows-where.  Driving a tractor, though, is something I plan to leave all in Rick’s capable, calloused hands.

By the way, even though the community is rural, there’s a good-sized city within 40 minutes of his house and a grocery store just a few miles from his front door.  The man who acted as my adopted grandfather when I was a little girl (before my grandparents moved there) has a coffee shop just two miles away.  And there’s a mall within 30 minutes of the farm.  See, friends?  I’m going to be okay.  And I even hear they’re building a Starbucks a couple miles down the turnpike.  Oh yeah…


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22 responses to “A Farmer’s Wife?

  1. Rebecca

    Love this Kimberly. You’re a very gifted writer.

  2. Kimberly Sareault

    I think you have done a whole lot of soul searching and most of all I believe you are totally in love with this man. God had him picked out for you quiet some time now but you had to be quiet and listen to your heart. Sure you will be fine and I’m sure you will miss some things as well but nothing compares to that feeling of love! I am so happy that you have found true happiness and I wish you the best that love has to offer! You are quiet a young lady!!! Keep these blogs going, one day I want to do the same thing. I have a lot of advice and stories to tell. Before I met my first husband I felt like a nobody, I didn’t even feel loved and now I can truly say my life is a cinderella story. I am so excited for you!!! I know your parents are just thrilled. Tell them hello from the Sareaults! May you and hubby to be…be blessed beyond understanding! God bless you!

    Kim Sareault

    • Thanks, Kim. I HAVE done a lot of soul searching, placing my trust in the Lord for things I don’t understand, and am now enjoying the total peace of standing innocent before the Lord. It’s a wonderful place to be. I’d love to read your story. I hope you do start that blog some day!

  3. Jawn Merillat

    It’s not so bad here and you have old friends waiting for you too 🙂

  4. Carla

    Kimberly-This is great! I completely know where you are coming from. I was born and raised in the city and now I live 35-40 min. from the closest mall and 15 min. to even the closest grocery store. I love the fact that I can let my daughter go play outside and I’m more worried about her coming in contact with a wild animal than a stranger. Don’t forget to let me know if you are going to be there over Labor Day my family will be there from Sept. 2-10 and I would love to see you and to meet Rick.

    • I’ve been thinking a lot about you recently, Carla. We’re looking into a similar living situation as yours. We’ll have to talk more about that privately… If there’s any way I can get up there for Labor Day, I will. I’d love for you to see the farm and meet Rick.

  5. Rebekah

    This is great! I don’t think it will be hard to give up those things, i actually think you will love the relaxing place and waving to people that pass by whether you know them or not! I am SO thrilled for you and know that Rick is getting a true gift in you!

    love you!

  6. Tammy

    You know, wherever I have lived, big or small, I end up living and shopping and driving and walking in the same places a lot of the time. I read some research a while back about how people create a small community around themselves no matter if they are living in a rural area or a world class city, and they tend to know the person at the coffee shop in either place. When Jim and I ride our bikes around our area, we run into people we know, and downtown Phoenix is not feeling that much different from downtown Defiance … except there are a lot more options for entertainment. But socially, it’s not that different. My dad has been predicting for some years now that eventually Toledo and Fort Wayne will expand until they touch each other, so you could someday be living in a large metroplex. 😀

    • Jenn Sharpe

      Your dad’s comment was seriously funny!!!! LOL moment!
      Jenn 🙂

    • Tammy, I like how connected you and Jim are to the people who live around you. Many people just drive in and out of their private garages, behind locked gates, and live very compartmentalized lives. I love how you two get out and meet people, enjoy your community, and are so active. Very different from the way I grew up. We were totally consumed with church life and did little else.

  7. Jenn Sharpe

    My new suggested title for this post is; “She thinks my tractor’s sexy…!!!!”
    This is a fantastic picture! Secondly, I can completely picture you as a farmer’s wife; you are wholesome and idealistic, but with a very realistic bent! You are hearty and have great boundaries. I can even imagine your writing room where you will write great novels that people will be dying to turn the pages of and get to the next novel in the series! Well, I guess that makes me a fan:-). I know you may miss the wonderful stores, and musical culture Nashville has to offer, but that’s what visiting is for!!!
    Love you!!!!

    • I’m glad you like the picture, Jenn! We took that on my first visit up there. Maybe I will repost it with that title! 🙂 I didn’t even think of it. Thanks for being such an encouraging and supportive friend.

  8. Ruth and Bill Mercer

    Kimberly…..having been there, done that…….there will be that day when Rick comes to the door and hollars at you, “Hey, honey, can you come help me out?” And off you will go to “drive” that big green tractor and help your sweetie out of a situation. there is a special bond you will come to understand about your farmer husband that will make it very easy to help him in whatever place he is working. Jesus just makes us that way. Love you both and appreciate your desire to do what God has planned for you, while you make a life with Rick. Blessings.

    • Ruth, I’m not so sure about that… There are 15 gears on that thing! But I will do what needs to be done, I’m sure. The success of the farm will be tied to the success of our family, so I will want to do what it takes to make sure what needs to get done is done. Hopefully we’ll have some little boys soon to follow their daddy around and “help.” 🙂

  9. Joann Tallman

    Oh Kimberly – how wonderful for you – country living – my dream – had it once – now I have the world. I love and admire you and am thrilled for you.

  10. Beverly Barnes

    I saw you from a distance at Church this weekend, but didn’t get a chance to talk and congratulate you on the upcoming wedding and new life. I think you will be a perfect wife for Rick and will come to understanding the true calling God has for you.
    I totally understand and love your blog. I am in the middle of that same situation righ now and it is so tough being lonely. I fight it all the time, and pray it will get better. Thanks for giving me hope by reading your blog.
    Blessings to you, Bev

  11. “I have so many choices that I’d never be patient enough to look at all my options before making a decision.” You are going to find out where I get my seek and search….and seek some more before I buy from…Ha!

    I love how you captured what’s truly import in this blog. I’ll come visit when they get that Starbucks built – in the summer months!

  12. dad

    if you can approach each day and each situation with this same attitude you will be miles ahead of most of us and extremely blessed, and Rick will be a very happy man. And me, well, i am a very happy, thankful and proud dad.

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