A Good Day


I’ve been through some dark times, days when I wondered if God had forgotten I existed or had simply decided to punish me for my many sins.  I have faced depression and anxiety, rejection, loneliness, fear, hatred, being over-looked and discarded, and other negative emotions and experiences.  I have also faced days when I thought the world was crashing in because I couldn’t meet a deadline or my laundry wasn’t done when I wanted to wear that special shirt.  None of you have ever done that, right?     

One day several years ago, I got frustrated over an assignment that couldn’t be completed without the input of colleagues who were not cooperating.  After work I called a friend to complain about what a bad day I was having.  She listened to me for about 60 seconds and then told me to turn on the news.  In stunned silence, I watched the end of a report on foster parents who had just been arrested for sexually abusing the children in their “Christian” home.  When the report ended, my friend quietly told me that she was the social worker who had trained those foster parents and placed the children in their care.  She was responsible for overseeing them.  She had no idea of the abuse taking place.  There were no signs.  She was devastated.  Can you imagine?     

I’ll never forget her words to me:  “This is a bad day.”      

That situation taught me a lot about perspective.       

During one of my darker days, I longingly remembered some good days I’d had.  I had good friends and an active social life, a good job with relative calm, and there were no major problems shaking my world.  But as I looked back I realized that I had not fully enjoyed nor appreciated those days.  I had allowed worry over things like losing 20 pounds or not having enough money to get a facial to steal my joy.     

That day I made a commitment to appreciate the good days.  Using the perspective I had learned, I’d put aside temporary struggles and be thankful for the day I had been given.  I would learn to declare good days GOOD.  So these days I often stop in the middle of a day to evaluate how things are going.  There is such joy in recognizing the good days when they come.  I declare the day GOOD, thank God for it, and try to be fully present in each moment.  Rather than missing the joy of that moment because I’m fretting over something I won’t remember in two weeks, I soak it in and use all five of my senses to enjoy it.     

March, 2010 - In front of cabin at the retreat center


Last week I spent the night at a spiritual retreat center.  Alone in a little cabin on 225 acres in the country, I could be as loud or quiet as I wanted to be.  The weather was perfect and I had nowhere else to be.  It was just me and God, and He gave me a peaceful spirit.  I explored creeks and woods, sat by a fire, read some good books, wrote in my journal, and prayed.  I sat in the sun on my flagstone porch and listened to the sounds of nature all around me.  I disciplined myself not to dwell on my problems, but to enjoy the moment.  After leaving there, I got to hang out with many good friends in a relaxed, casual atmosphere full of celebration.  I came home happy, tired, and satisfied.    

It was A GOOD DAY.    

How long has it been since you had a good day?    

My "Hermitage" at the retreat center


The creek I explored


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16 responses to “A Good Day

  1. Audrey Bolek

    I’m observing how quickly my emotions can be up and down lately as our family goes through some difficulty in relationships. Perspective is a key, but also discipline is another for me. I haven’t quite got a handle on it, but getting a glimps of it. Discipline that is talked about in James 4:7, to submit myself to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from me. I would like to be more attentive to this, and have more good days, just basking in my relationship with our Father. Everything else will fall into place if I do this and it will be a GOOD DAY! Thanks Kimberly!

    • Audrey, I don’t know that it’s always possible (or desirable) to keep our thoughts off our problems, but at times when there is so much good happening around us, it’s good to let the little things go. I don’t want to miss another good day because I’m too concerned over something unimportant and passing.

  2. katie


  3. Melissa


    how right you are that perspective is everything! this is something i had to learn when sam and i were in the midst of rebuilding our marriage. i had to make a choice to look at the positive things about him and our marriage or the pieces that were broken would have consumed me. yes, things had gone very wrong somewhere, but i had a husband who loved me, loved the lord and was willing to work on rebuilding. i still find myself going back to this from time to time when i’m frustrated with something, whether it’s work, school, ministry…and it gives me so much more room to love myself and others.

    • I think the things we go through that are the most challenging are often the things that shape the way we handle problems for the rest of our lives. You were greatly stretched during that time and now most other things seem so much smaller. It’s amazing to watch God work in our lives and increase our capacity – even when it happens through pain and difficulty!

  4. Glynna Wright

    I empathize with bad day feelings; I was a Neontal ICU RN during the years Geniene Jones was killing children in Texas at San Antonio’s Bexar Co. Hospital (unbeknownst ). And these children & families were trusting and struggling on levels for survival that might of broken your heart anyway/without the murders & cover up that the administration did (unbeknownst). These abused didn’t seem to get any second chances tho maybe (however, I am sure scars are long lasting from any type child abuse) or really even much justice if the truth were known. Only Geniene seems to have gotten second chances (discharged clean work record) of which she used them to murder more. Christian retreats can be quite ministering. I spent time at Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale during the scandal /decided to leave nursing as no way it could ever feel the same. You find more the moment to moment happiness sometimes than the day to day thing. Either way Holy Spirit sees us thru, as certainly happiness is relative for us all & the hard won or bitter sweet the most memorable. Tony Robbins (Get the Edge) helped me the most in understanding
    how to get on with things (sad to say better than bible and retreats maybe)…and getting paralyzed a year in terrible pain & recovering also put a lot of my own life in perspective regards appreciating MUCH.

  5. Antonia (Toni)

    How long has it been since I’ve had a good day? This past Sunday! I had trouble sleeping the night before. I had too much on my mind regarding things going on in my life.

    I wake up on Sunday morning and hear within my spirit “This is a New Day!” I think nothing of it.

    The words keep playing over and over within – “This is a New Day!” I notice it starts flowing through my innermost being. I notice my attitude starts changing.

    We go to church and as soon as I enter I continue hearing within my spirit “This is a New Day!”

    I experience joy within — just like the living water flowing within. I notice that even my physical body begins to manifest the change happening within. I start walking with a “pep” in my step (liveliness, vigor, energy) — =)

    I feel this overwhelming love for the congregation. I want to share what is happening. So….I hug some of the people.

    Do I still have some things happening in my life I wish were different? Yes!! But! Something is changing. Could it be me?

    I agree with you, Kimberly. The things we go through do help us to grow and God will use it to “transform” us.

    God is moving among His people. Sometimes we get lost in our circumstances. I too need to guard my heart and keep focused on the things that really matter. I can only do this with God’s help!

    I too don’t want to miss another good day!

    • Thank you for sharing, Toni. It means so much to me! I love your comments. It’s my goal to celebrate everything I can and that change in perspective has made a huge difference in how I feel about life every day! Thank God for His goodness.

  6. Kimberly,

    As I lay in bed last night, my mind was churning with troublesome events. Some of them are quite serious, and will have implications beyond two weeks, but probably not beyond 6 months. But the kicker is 95% of the things I was worried about are things I am powerless to change anyway. Perspective is so important. Thanks for reminding me this morning.

    • Yes, yes, yes, Tanya. I often ask myself, “How important will this issue be in two weeks (or five years)?” It’s amazing how often the answer is that it won’t matter at all. It seriously reduces the drama and sleepless nights!

  7. Rob

    Thanks for the reminder Kimberly.
    One of my favorite quotes that helps me keep things in perspective was by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy from Coral Ridge Ministries.
    He said ” All unhappiness, All unhappiness, All unhappiness is caused by comparison” then he went on to explain the depth of that statement.
    My question is why do I have to be reminded so incredibly frequent to keep my head on straight. Must be the human condition or it may be ADD. Most days are better than we think if we take a moment and count the many blessings around us.

    • Glynna, I agree that comparison is one of the worst thigns we can do. We compare our worst with someone else’s best, so the comparison is never fair. But if we keep our eyes on Jesus, everything comes into perspective so much more clearly.

  8. Glynna Wright

    about that perspective, i forgot to say
    recently someone close to me had some abdominal bleeding and on top of it a diagnosis that suggested the mole on the abdomen was melanoma. Being medically oriented i know to wait on the diagnosis till more tests or more interpretations are done before panicking. But with the adominal symptoms JEEPERS (plus a report this person had been flagging to doctors and dismissed for months before). ANyway,
    more interpretataions of what was a confusing way of saying dysplastic mole did relieve us all. But YEAH what a difference a day makes and a few deep breaths and prayers (and tithes of course too!)

  9. Rebekah

    Hey Kimberly,

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. It sounds like a great place!

    In your picture you look so different….how much weight have you lost? You look great!

    Miss you and hope to see you in the near future!


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