My Christmas Vacation

Exhausted from opening presents – Adam and Dad

This is how we roll…  The sweet little 2-year old who normally entertains us was in bed and we lounged around sleeping or watching tv until it’s time for bed.  Exciting stuff.  Surprising how enjoyable it really was.  Actually, we all played Farkle and Sequence, THEN Dad and Adam laid around.  Mom and I went to the movies!     

Alexis – up early the morning after Christmas

Meet Alexis, age 23 1/2 months.  There are too many great presents to play with to bother combing our hair before we get to work.  New pajamas too!       

No kisses, Daddy.

Everyone’s been kissing and hugging her so much that she can’t stand it any more.  All requests for kisses are promptly rejected with a very polite, “No thank you” and possible hand blocking if we attempt to steal one.      

Alexis got a state-of-the art kitchen for Christmas

I spent a good deal of my Christmas vacation sitting in front of this kitchen, cutting wooden vegetables, talking on the cordless phone, pushing buttons on the microwave, and making sure Alexis didn’t leave the over-the-sink light on too long.  This thing even has a dishwasher and light-up/sound-making burners.      

Princess Alexis likes to “col-lee”

I got her a princess dress for Christmas, which she wore over her clothes for several days.  She also loves to color now.  I was commanded repeatedly – “Col-lee, Keebee.  Hep me!”       

Sucking lemons & making this face makes us all laugh hard enough that she endures the taste to entertain us.


Hugging Grandpa is much more fun than sucking on lemons.


After church on Sunday, we ate lunch and Alexis continued to charm us all.         






She had a much better attitude about taking a bath when her mommy was giving it and her aunt Keebee was merely observing and making funny faces with her.       

Tinker Bell tent = Very Happy Girl


The perfect size for a two year old








I was repeatedly told to play inside this tent with her.  Um…  I didn’t exactly fit!  I had to fold myself up as small as possible, lift the tent up over my head, and set it down on top of me – leaving approximately 4 inches for Alexis.  Rather than use her 4 inches, she just climbed all over me.  One of the highlights of my visit was when she convinced my sister and I to get in there with her.  Katie and I each laid down on the floor and stuck our heads and shoulders in from opposite sides.  Alexis was thrilled.  She made us laugh so hard we nearly cried.       





She loves to read. Love this kid!


So much joy. One little person.


I finally got someone to take pictures of me with her.  I took all the other pictures, so it was kinda hard to get in them.  I wish I’d been wearing some makeup, but I was so glad to have someone agree take some pictures that I settled for au natural.      

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I got a digital camera for Christmas.  I’m thrilled.  And yes, I did spend time with friends, but they aren’t nearly as fun to take pictures of as my sweet little niece.  I only get to see her once every few months, so when I do I soak it up.  I’m totally amazed by this new little person we now have in our lives.  She makes everything so much more fun and interesting. 
But just so you can rest assured that I have adult friends and interests, here’s an idea of the way I spent New Year’s Eve… 

Good friends



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3 responses to “My Christmas Vacation

  1. Penny

    I love that you got a camera for Christmas even if I am pea green with envy. I love the pictures and am so thrilled that you are finally in some shots with her. I do believe that when she’s older she’s going to kill you for posting naked pictures of her on the world wide web. (ha) And I love that she’s more important to you than your friends… I think. ;o} Happy New Years my friend and may you have find yourself enjoying unforgettable moments and recording them, often.

  2. Kelly Sims

    What adorrrrable pics. “Adam and Dad” look waaaayy too comfortable. I’ve never seen two people look THAT cozy in a chair.

    Love the rest too. Very cute. :))

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