Thou Shalt Not Land on Me

Dear Dirty Little Fly,

You’ve got a lot of nerve to be landing on me.  I live in this house and you are intruding.  I’ve put up with you landing on me for three days now and today you’ve become quite bold – landing on my hand while I type.  So I’ve gotten my hairspray bottle and am waiting on you to make another such infringement.  I don’t need a fly swatter.  I only need to freeze your little wings and put you outside to be eaten by a spider.  Ooohhh, I feel so bad for you.  You’re going to die. 




Filed under Just Goofing Around

2 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Land on Me

  1. ROFL!!! You are too funny!

  2. Kelly

    The worst is going to bed with a fly in your place. Eww. I just have to let the suckers out.

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