When you grow up in a Christian home, there are certain words and phrases that become as familiar to you as the faces of your family members. Certain typical requests or ways of wording things roll off the tongue easily because they’re dear to the heart of your parents and make their mark in your heart and mind.

This is the case with my family. I grew up hearing some of the same words over and over again. There were prayers for “sweet dreams”; I’ve often had a “hedge of protection” placed around me and “angels to stand charge over me.” There are many more examples.

As an adult, there’s something about hearing these familiar words from the voice of my father and mother that soothes a place deep inside me. When I am in distress, sick, or upset, their prayers comfort like none other.

I can pray for myself. I have many friends and colleagues who are willing to pray for me and shake the heavens with their cries. But in my time of need, I want to hear my father’s voice. I want to hear my mother’s comforting words. I need to know that they are interceding for me.

Today I had such an experience. I felt a little foolish calling my mother this morning to let her know I had a stressful day ahead. I felt a little silly calling my father to request prayer when I am capable of prayer myself. But oh, how those familiar words flow over me like the warmth of a hug. And even as a grown woman, I draw strength from them. Today I am grateful for praying parents who are willing to cry out to God for me.



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7 responses to “Comfort

  1. Amy LaRosa

    How sweet! I can relate, sometimes only our parents can make us happy/feel better!

    • kimberlywenger

      Thanks, Amy! We’ve both been blessed with godly parents, haven’t we? It’s such a wonderful gift.

  2. Linda Hilliard

    Can relate so much..Sure miss those days when I could call my Mom and Dad. No One can call on your behalf like your parents. Thank the Lord for great Godly parents! This was comforting! Thanks for sharing..Linda

    • kimberlywenger

      Thank you for your comment, Linda. I was thinking when I wrote this of the blessing that my parents are still with me and so accessible. It’s something I have taken for granted until recently. I’m sure I still do to some extent. They are irreplacable.

  3. matt

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  4. Carole Bierwiler

    You hit it with this one. Today I was thinking again of Grandma (Mom) and heard a Jim Brickman song I had playing on my car’s CD about “It’s never too late to say thanks to your mom.” Tears gushed as I heard those words because I felt her presence so close at hand and I recalled that growing up, even as a young adult, I didn’t always say “Thanks!” for all she did for me. Dad (Grandpa) has told all of us often how he would spend his lunch hours when traveling for business, pulled over to the side of the road, praying for each of us, his five children, and how Mom and Dad both prayed for us in the morning. What a blessing to have (and had) godly parents.

  5. Amanda

    Once again, warm tears of remembrance are pooling down my face–why must you always write the things that pull on our heartstrings? 🙂 When I’m scared, I remember Grandma sitting at my bed, reading from Ephesians about “putting on the armor of God” or helping me to memorize the Lord’s Prayer–she said it would make me brave. When I feel like I’m alone in the world, I remember my godly babysitter, Barbara Bowman, saying “Jesus loves you, and God loves you, and I love you,” and Hebrews: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” When I’m worried or anxious about the future, I reflect back on Jeremiah: “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord…” and Ephesians again, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.”

    All of those are words that were spoken over me at one point or another, words that bring such great comfort even though the women who prayed those verses over me are no longer with me. I, like you, will ALWAYS long to hear the “words that flow over me like a hug”, even if I *can* do my own praying 🙂

    Love you!

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